Born from the imagination of a young Chinese designers Nick Yin, KAIKORERO defines itself as an experience between streetwear and designer-wear.

Founded in 2019 in Shanghai by Nick Yin, Kaikorero is a Maori word meaning Narrator, the one who tells the story. The brand motto? Self-expression at any cost. KAIKORERO carries the messages that are so dear to the younger generations, with the desire to always push the boundaries of traditional streetwear further.

KAIKORERO’s essence is about combining the use of industrial materials with classic fabrics and all of their traditional and natural aspects. Between anti-conformism and classicism, the label focuses on applying very intricate conception details to essential, everyday-wear pieces, in order to create a look that’s both comfortable and fashionable.

KAIKORERO offers a wardrobe of timeless yet versatile pieces, which can be used daily in a casual way or be transformed into real fashion moments. The black suit pants with a clean design may seem conventional at first glance, but are surprisingly made of technical material. A jacket to protect oneself against the cold turns into a strong fashion piece with a bag that clips itself onto it, which can be easily adapted to different situations.

The brand constantly explores new and exciting ways to twist classic garments with the use of resistant materials such as silicone, plastic or nylon.

Innovative details can be found in every piece. For example, back pockets are hidden on the jackets like a little secret and can also be found on pants and t-shirts to create texture. The collection includes strap sets, which you can choose to wear in a variety of styles: in a traditional manner, layered over a shoulder, placed on top of a jacket or as an accessory, hanging above pants. Each pair of pants and shorts has rings to attach the straps. Bucket hats and their clear visor give an apocalyptic look while being reminiscent of 60s futurism. The graphic t-shirts explain the meaning of KAIKORERO, in the style of a dictionary definition to broadcast the brand message and values in a minimalistic way.


Press Contact: alexis@totemfashion.com