Namacheko was founded in early 2015 by Dilan and Lezan Lurr, brother and sister in a Kurdish family.They moved to Sweden when they were children. From the beginning, they were encouraged to learn as much as they could about all aspects of Western culture, while still being highly mindful of the rich history of our people. This juxtaposition of two societies enriched them, but they also felt a loss of identity. This loss, and the inevitable search for belonging, has always peaked their interest in human psychology, interactions and the dreams we all hold on to. The most important aspect of all this is the present, the now. They get inspiration from our memories and family story. Therefore they decided to create a collection inspired by their own search for an identity as citizens from two countries. They started with the notion of freedom and expression, but most importantly the ability to dream without limitation. They have drawn influence from different artists, mainly in the feminist art movement, and also traditional Kurdish love songs from the 60s by artists like Merdan. They also looked up to Antonio Gaudi: the fluency of his forms transcend into the surreal, yet have a palpable
respect for the laws of nature that surround it.


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