kds« Kuki de Salvertes: la vie dans la mode » exhibition opening

Wednesday, January 25th – from 5pm to 9pm

Without ever being nostalgic, exhaustive or conclusive, the exhibition ‘Kuki de Salvertes, a life in fashion’ evokes the highlights of a career as atypical as it is bold. From his beginnings with Nicole Ciano to discovering the talent of tomorrow, through the success of the Belgian designers in the late 1990s, ‘Kuki de Salvertes, a life in fashion’ presents a deliberately subjective timeline underlining the hight points of the fashion PR director’s career, without skirting around the harder times. Tracing itineraries, decisive meetings – sometimes chaotic, but always passionate – the exhibition depicts a character in perpetual quest of innovative and disruptive beauty. As the title suggests, fashion here is a framework, a horizon, a climate, but also a profession of faith, lived in its most extreme dimensions… and always to the highest degree.
Joyce Gallery Paris
168 Galerie de Valois
75001 Paris
+33 (0)1 40 15 03 72

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Totem Fashion is pleased to announce the adhesion of its brands Galia Lahav, Hyun Mi Nielsen and XUAN as guest members to the Couture collections Calendar of January 2017.

Supported by Sidney Toledano, Galia Lahav is a Couture design house which masters in the art of creating luxury dresses. Galia Lahav shows a real savoir-faire for made-to-measure dresses that are not modest rather than extravagant and intricate in beautiful designs.

Hyun Mi Nielsen is a house founded in 2016 by Christine Hyun Mi Nielsen. Before the creation of her brand, Christine worked as a Studio Director for Balenciaga, Givenchy and was Alexander McQueen’s Head of Womenswear Design in London. Hyun Mi Nielsen will show her collection for the very first time in Paris in January 2017.

Founded in 2004, XUAN is the fashion label of Dutch-Vietnamese designer Xuan-Thu Nguyen, best known for the evocative stories that her clothes tell. Their aesthetic and construction work together to convey the intimacy, surprise and fragility that underlie her personal experiences.

We are also thrilled to announce that our Couture brands Julien Fournié and Yuima Nakazato are reappointed guests members.

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