South Lane is a Swedish accessories brand with a focus on creating sleek designs that stand out. Originally inspired by fashion and architectural trends found in Stockholm’s artistic Södermalm district, the brand’s ethos is a clean, versatile aesthetic featuring daring touches of creative flair.

After establishing a solid reputation as a savvy street-style timepiece designer, South Lane has evolved to incorporate unique, quality materials from the world’s best sources to create a new wave of dramatic, high-end fashion watches and accessories. South Lane is the lifestyle brand for style innovators who understand that the difference is in the fine details.

THE AVANT COLLECTION, Inspiration for the edgy collection, a radical shift from the brand’s earlier designs, emerged after designer Filip Bjernebo relocated to East London in early 2013. A few simple sketches and photographs inspired by Shoreditch’s bustling, urban scene and meant for product photo backgrounds, turned into eight months of developing the AVANT collection based on abstracts of natural elements found in the area. The end result: South Lane’s most fashion-forward collection to date.

FOUNDER AND DESIGNER FILIP BJERNEBO, 28, Certain that his creations combine minimalist Swedish aesthetic elements with the inspiration garnered from world travel, Filip launched his first web-only accessories brand in 2008. After honing his craft for several years, he decided to radically shift gears; the fledging company was sold to make room for the South Lane watch collection.

Five years and a number of well-received collections on, Filip continues to draw design inspiration from the pulse of his environment; be it the relaxed, vintage vibe of the Södermalm district, the excitement of NYC’s vibrant fashion scene or the grittier, urban industrial flavour of East London’s Shoreditch district.

Artistically, at the core of all designs are equal parts Scandinavian aesthetics and the satirical unconformity of inspired works of modern art such as that of Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock.


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LOOK BOOK 1617 : Photos © Rasmus Jensen