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ULTRA means extreme, drastic, boundless

ultra ultra

September, 4th, 2011

ULTRA means extreme, drastic, boundless

by Jean Paul Cauvin

Why should we start a new website concentrating about the arts, fashion, design, architecture, and everything else we decide to put in the spotlight ? In a forest of media, both old and new, aiming to contemplate, analyze, narrate, enumerate, the team at ULTRA believes that a wide space is left for extremely personnal emotions and points of view to be shared. Enthusiastic or exasperated, ULTRA promises to tell excessive, radical, extravagant stories about designers, performers and artists. Never wishy-washy, apathetic or lukewarm, ULTRA has an acute consciousness about the metamorphosis required by our world as a whole, and relies on genuinely creative people to help accomplish this deep change. Each time ULTRA will cover a topic, recount an event, film a runway show, discover an exhibition, spot an artist, marvel before a ballet dancer, ULTRA will define a specific form to fit, highlight or contradict what makes them unique. Exclusive videos, backstage pictures, unobjective articles, strange sounds and any other creative means will be used to transcend canons.

Beyond reason and conventions, in other words: ULTRA.

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