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Sweet Yiqing Yin

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September, 20th, 2011

Sweet Yiqing Yin

by Laurent Dombrowicz

In the backstage of the first Yiqing Yin’s Parisian runway, there was no stress and no hesitation of novice. The stunning Chinese designer is discreet but efficient. She reviews her creations and her creatures with the kindness of a princess. Her models seem to have escaped from a dream or a tale. Elves in fur dresses, modern time fairies dressed in a wind gust with a cloud. Fog and sand sticking to their temples, as if they were emerging from a cocoon. Violette the makeup artist and Cyril Laloue the hairdresser complete the vision of Yiqing Yin. Ethereal but real. So far, so near.

photos : Anne Combaz

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