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Ernest Shoes Dance

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September, 21st, 2011

Ernest Shoes Dance

by Laurent Dombrowicz

Some successes are sometimes mysterious or even mystical. In fashion like anywhere else. If you add to this indefinite charisma the French brilliance, you will get marvelous and essential recipes. The Chanel suit, the cardigan with snap fastening by Agnes B, the vinyl jacket by Courrèges, the dancing jumpsuit by Repetto… and the stilettos by Ernest. Not as known as the it-shoes of the runways, it became a must-have of the fashionistas while staying popular. Born in a “designer” explosion, at the beginning of the 1980’S, he strode the street of Pigalle, as well as the trendy area of Quartier des Halles which was the place to be of street style. Show-off and fun, he was on the dance floor of the Palace, creating shoes for party girls, aspiring actresses, wanabees and the alternative jet set who was shaking the Mitterrand area. At a time where we celebrate once more this eighties clubbing spirit (the autobiographical movie of Eva Ionesco is at the same time exemplary and illustrative), Ernest’s stilettos scream modernity, timelessness and French touch. Chic and exciting tickets guaranteed.

photos : Christian Lartillot

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