ICOSAE was born in 2014 with the ambition of offering a new alternative to men’s wardrobe, and create the perfect combination between high fashion, sportswear and new wave tailoring. Each piece of the collections is a mix of a sophisticated elegance and a strong urban wear statement.
ICOSAE creates looks that have the architectural lines used in classic tailoring and twist them to give them that edgy modern vibes dear to the brand.
Another distinctive concept of ICOSAE is the use of a seasonal print. The designer, Valentin Glemarec, translates his artistic passion of painting academic art and subculture into prints that are layered and mix on several pieces in each collection.
ICOSAE looks can be recognized thanks to the sharply defined shoulder lines, structured silhouettes, serial number on lapels and signature back cut.

The artistic director
Valentin Glemarec is the founder and creative director of ICOSAE. Born in Paris, he studied Fine Arts at the prestigious Ecole du Louvre and also graduated from French institution, Olivier De Serres, where he learned graphic art and design.
Fashion was the perfect medium for Valentin to express his creativity and combine all the skills from his background in Art and Design.
While developing ICOSAE, Valentin also had the opportunity to work for a number of fashion brands, including Givenchy, where he gathered usefull knowledge.
Since the launch in 2014, Valentin’s creative direction has allowed ICOSAE to become one of the most coveted French designer brand s and an official member of the Paris Fashion Week.
Valentin’s style is sharp and urban with a sophisticated aesthetic and artistic sensibility noticeable in his original paintings that are turned into prints for each collection.



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Look Book FW18/19 : Photos ©Shoji Fujii


Look Book SS18 : Photos © Shoji Fujii