OTEYZA offers a fresh and authentic vision of tailoring in which material, imagination, craftsmanship, and elegance unite to offer the ultimate expression of a bespoke garment.

While the Madrid shop is five years old, they follow in the footsteps of three generations of tailors. Since opening the doors, they have been shaping the following three pillars of their business: artisanal tailoring, industrial tailoring, and the prét-a-porter collections created each season to be presented internationally.

Oteyza reinvents men’s fashion with a strong Spanish flavour. The Cordovan hat and coat get a new life from an avant-garde point of view by a conscious and provocative tailor’s firm that wants to transgress the codes of international menswear.

Oteyza is a firm that is about identity rather than fashion, in which the established codes in men’s tailoring are only respected to be twisted to the point where, without being broken, they allow for the reinvention of the classic styles. “We started as a tailor’s shop eight years ago. Our goal was to relaunch classic patterns,” Paul explains. “Once we’d done that, we began the transgression, creating a favourable atmosphere for a progression that led us to what we now call ‘the new paradigm of men’s fashion’.”

Oteyza’s founding couple came from the world of translation and interpretation (she) and economy (he), but in both cases there was something stronger running through their veins that needed to come out: tailoring. “Caterina’s grandfather and great-grandfather were tailors, and her grandmother worked in a tailor’s shop. I’m an economist, but my father has always had something to do with Merino wool cloths. We’ve always had a link with this world one way or the other, not from a fashion point of view, but from a more conceptual approach, from craftsmanship, from a way of working that is more focused on luxury,” he explains.


Press contact : elisa@totemfashion.com