Winner of the Première Vision Grand Prize as well as the Public Prize at the 35th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories of Hyères, Tom discovered at the age of 27 that he suffers from a heriditary neuropathic muscle disorder, which confronted him with the question: what is really important in life ?
This was the catharsic moment he decided to study fashion design and pursue his childhood dreams.
From 2012 to 2016, He had the pleasure to show his work during Berlin, Paris, London and Panama Fashion Week. His collections were sold in the USA, Japan and across Europe.
During his study; he was already interested by the borders between fashion and art. Reflecting on his own background in social work and on his own personal disposition in life, lead to questioning social structures, definitions, limits, ... The visual language T.VDB developed goes far beyond clothes, always creating a highly personal and questioning universe, combining media and crossing borders between fashion and arts.
T.VDB works as an independent artist in his artistic fashion studio. He focuses on very diverse topics: fashion, textile, graphics, video, installation and scenography.  He produces his own free work and next to that he works commissioned for various partners.

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